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Menneskehedens fremtid: fremskridt eller vi uddør

Menneskehedens fremtid: fremskridt eller vi uddør01-02-2012 18:54
Michelle Rasmussen
Jeg vil gerne anbefale en ny video med titlen:

The Economics of Extinction and the Principle of Progress fra LaRouchePAC-TV.

Den kan ses på:

The survival of humanity rests on a fundamental change in thought, away from the popular economics of monetary "values," towards the domain of scientific self-development of the universe as a whole. The willful increase in the density of scientific discoveries, technological innovation, and investment in the population's ability to think creatively, are the basis of the continued existence of our civilization. Furthermore, as this video documents, the evolution of life on this planet has been characterized by upshifts to more complex species, with a higher energy throughput, or energy-flux-density.

If we fall prey to zero- or negative-growth ideology, we are doomed to perish, like the dinosaurs that were unfit to survive.

Here is an excerpt from this crucial report:

"Now, the question is: What is the texture of anti-entropic development and anti-entropic timing which governs [economic processes]. And we'll see that it's a reflection of one very key economic principle, which is the increase in energy flux density. We can take that continuous process, as something we want to carry over now, to policy making in the present to get us out of the current crisis. This discussion is the one that we need to bring, right now, to the economics departments, and to make dominant in the planet, because we're witnessing the failure – currently, globally – you're witnessing the failure of everything that's been proposed as economics, over the last several decades. And anybody right now, I think you've got people who are realizing that they've been sold a bill of goods with what's been promised to them as economic education and scientific education. And we're in a position right now, where we really do need a Renaissance, we need a revival of this earlier approach and a reapplication of it, if we're even going to survive."

The report demonstrates that during the great extinction events in history, not only did species which were not fit to survive become extinct, but more complex species with a higher energy throughput emerged and became dominant.

What does this imply for economic policy? We should eliminate the speculative financial bubbles, and, instead, create massive amounts of credit to generate scientific and technological progress, and investment in the productive economy. Will we go backwards to windmills and low-intensity solar power, or forward to fission power, fusion power, towards matter-anti-matter reactions? Will we take the challenge to go back to the Moon, and onwards to Mars

If humanity doesn't progress, our civilization is as doomed as the dinosaurs.
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