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Sport14-11-2022 17:29
What sports do you like? I like hockey, we have our own amateur league in our area and we play with our neighbors all the time. Everyone has a different level of training, our team even has an 80-year-old neighbor!
14-11-2022 17:40
I also love to play hockey! I would love to continue doing this if it weren't for alcoholism that ruined my life.
14-11-2022 17:59
Oh, maybe hockey will help you cope with therapy? I understand that it may not be easy for you right now and if you are still experiencing such problems, then you should think about what to do in the long term. This is not the easiest solution that I can offer you, but reading about it on the Internet will be better than suffering alone. Alcoholism is scary.
23-11-2022 05:06
The first thing that comes to my mind is that I don't remember when I watched hockey competitions for the last time))) I'm very used to the fact that my interses go to hot countries - I prefer cricket and there are no surprises for me)) Professional sport is very tough on any doping violations. This may be a reason for exclusion from the team and a fine for the club. I wouldn't risk it.

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