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Fra New York Times

Fra New York Times20-03-2011 20:55
Klaus Illum
Washington vs. the Merciless
Thomas L. Friedman
N.Y. Times March 19. 2001

The world is caught in a dangerous feedback loop — higher oil prices and climate disruptions lead to higher food prices, higher food prices lead to more instability, more instability leads to higher oil prices. That loop is shaking the foundations of politics everywhere. That's why the world needs a strong America more than ever, and that's why it is vital that we fix our structural problems — now.

If we leave it for the market and Mother Nature to make the adjustments for us, we will be sorry — and so will the world. We are the keystone holding up the global system. If we go weak, our kids won't just grow up in a different America; they will grow up in a different world.
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