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Business in a changing world - Conference at Christiansborg the 10th

Business in a changing world - Conference at Christiansborg the 10th07-12-2009 23:10
The KaosPilots in collaboration with Copenhagen Climate Network would like to give you the unique opportunity to participate in a conference at Christiansborg the 10th of december, 2009:

Business in a changing world
- 1001 concrete steps on how to adjust to the world of tomorrow

Reality leaves no alternative to sustainability.

We believe in the power of dialogue to explore the opportunities for sustainability in business.
The desired outcome of this conference is to generate concrete steps to adjust your business to the premise of sustainability. It's all here: the solutions are right in front of us, and it's just a matter of connecting pracitical knowledge to motivated people. We know that you can make a difference and make this world an awesome place.

We will provide inspiration by feeding you with experts, sustainability-models and aesthethic disruptions, and use this as a base for what the day is really about: to engage in an open space, where we together explore the challenges and the opportunities we face - and produce meaningful solutions to these.

The conference lasts from 9.30 to 15.30. The agenda along with more practical information can be found here:
If you want to participate, sign up at:
It is 350 DKK for the day, and includes lunch. The conference is in english.
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